Taxstone on Quentin Miller Getting Jumped & Threats from Dreamchasers

In this interview with Taxstone, he commends Quentin Miller for keeping it real about getting jumped by Dreamchasers in Los Angeles and gives the status of his relationship with Meek’s entourage.

The personality confirmed that he allowed DJ Vlad to use the footage of his knowledge of what went down between Quentin and Meek Mill’s crew in an L.A. sneaker store, and says that people were actually tweeting him about the whole ordeal. Although Taxstone has close ties with the Dreamchasers and claims to like Meek’s music, he admits that he has received threats from giving his opinion about Meek brushing up on his vocabulary to help him lyrically.

He stated that he didn’t take the threats seriously after he discovered that Meek’s and Drake’s camps shared the same hotel and nothing happened in retaliation to the multiple diss tracks that were released. “I didn’t have to ask anybody if these dudes are street dudes anymore. I figured it out, right at that point.”

He explained that there’s “borderline gangsta and borderline stupid,” when it comes down to some beefs. “If they’d seen Drake in that hotel or anybody from his team, n***** would’ve gotten seen, n***** would’ve went up to their room, n***** would’ve waited for them downstairs.” He continued, “That’s when I knew right there, these n***** candy apple, sweet as gold, let me see that tootsie roll.”

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