Andrew Schulz Says Sexual Expectations for White Men are Lower

Comedian Andrew Schulz has drawn a diverse crowd while doing stand-up shows around the country, however, he says when performing he doesn’t try to relate if it doesn’t come natural. Further into the interview, the Brilliant Idiots podcaster touches on Katt Williams’ genius when performing on the spot for 20-minutes without planned jokes. Although the funnyman believes he may be suffering a mental disorder, he calls him “brilliant” for the work that he’s done and content he’s pushed out.

On the other hand, Schulz does brings some comedy relief in this sit-down when talking about what women expect when having sex with a Black man versus a white man. He compares and contrasts sexual expectations for Black and White men and explains why there is no sexual anticipation for White men and why Black men face burdens when it’s time to show their manhood.

Watch the full interview above.

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