Bow Wow on Losing Virginity to Esther Baxter at 15, Fallout w/ Jermaine Dupri

Bow Wow opened up to VladTV about living the high life of fame as a teenager, including having multi-platinum albums and selling out 20,000 person arenas.

Speaking about what it was like adjusting to fame as a teen, Bow Wow admitted that one of the big things for him was the women, especially the ones who would hang out with his mentor Jermaine Dupri. Bow Wow explained that he had never seen such beautiful women before that, and he added that when he would come home to Ohio from Atlanta he didn’t want to speak to girls his own age, in his hometown.

During the conversation Bow Wow also spoke about messing around with girls at fifteen and model Esther Baxter being his first. In previous interviews Esther denied being Bow Wow’s first, and he explained to us that she probably didn’t realize the situation, because he never told her.

To hear more of the conversation, including his fall out with Jermaine Dupri, hit the above clip.

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