Tito Jackson on Dropping 1st Album at 62, Not Knowing What “Thot” Means

Tito Jackson spoke exclusively to VladTV about the upcoming release of his first solo project, Tito Time, which features a new collaboration, “Get It Baby” with legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane. Tito said the collaboration came about after his producer got in touch with Kane’s manager, and the rapper reached out shortly after to ensure Tito that the verse was going to be special.

On the track Big Daddy Kane uses the term “thot,” which Tito admits he didn’t know the meaning of. After learning the definition of the acronym, Tito jokingly adds that he can’t take it off of the album now.

Check out more of what Tito had to say in the above clip, including how he started The Jackson 5 with his brothers after their TV broke.

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