Kurtis Blow on Being 1st Rapper Signed to Major Label, 1st Rap Single to Go Gold

Kurtis Blow broke boundaries in the hip-hop world and set records along the way, which he spoke about extensively in a recent interview with VladTV. The legendary rapper spoke about what it was like being the first rapper signed to a major label, which he accomplished at the young age of 19 when he signed with Mercury. He explained that his college friend Russell Simmons had a part in helping him get the deal, where he released his first single, “Christmas Rap.” The track was the fourth hip-hop album ever released, and it has lasted the test of time as it’s still played every year during the holidays.

During the conversation, Kurtis also spoke about having the first certified gold album in hip-hop with his track “The Breaks.” When asked about Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” being the first gold album, Kurtis explained that while the album sold millions, it was never officially certified.

Check out more of what Kurtis had to say, including going on the first national hip-hop tour.

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