GS9’s Corey Finesse on Rasha & A-Rod Getting 98 & 53 Years, Petey Crack Killed

NFL player Junior Galette sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview alongside his artist, GS9’s Corey Finesse. Junior explained what led to him signing Corey, revealing that he was a huge fan of GS9 and after being injured he started listening to their music more, and he reached out to Corey on Twitter to see if he wanted to sign to Junior’s label, NuLa Ent.

During the conversation, Junior also addressed a previous statement he made about bailing out Bobby Shmurda and the other GS9 members, which he now admits would be a bad investment. He added that he still supports Bobby while he’s in jail, and he has hopes that he’ll be released, despite other members of the group being sentenced to decades in jail.

To hear more of what Junior and Corey had to say, including their reaction to GS9’s Rasha being sentenced to 98 years in jail, hit the above clip.

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