Lotto Savage on Becoming Muslim & Joining Bloods in Prison

Lotto Savage has only been rapping for seven months, along with 21 Savage and Slaughter gang, and though his rap career is looking bright, he opens up about his upbringing, going to jail, finding Islam, and later becoming gang affiliated all before 27.

Before getting into prison, Lotto talks about living with his mother and stepfather in a nicer neighborhood before his mother decided to up and leave due to his infidelities. Once out of their comfort zone, that’s when the rapper says he was caught in the fast life and resorted to trapping. By his early twenties, Lotto was caught selling 14 grams of dope to undercover officials. After the feds had presented the judge with evidence of the crime on camera with audio, Lotto was hauled off to prison to serve a five-year sentence where he says he’d discovered Islam and eventually found a brotherhood once he joined the Bloods. “Prison is really the reason why I became in the gang.” He explained, “I didn’t need a gang in prison—because I was good—but I just joined a gang because I seen the unity that it had with each other, how they took care of each other, how they made sure each other was straight.”

Watch the full interview above.

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