Cassidy on Police: Their Main Objective is for People to Die

Cassidy stopped by VladTV to talk with us about his children, police brutality, and how he plans on teaching his children how to handle the cops. Cassidy explained he has a 7 and 12-year-old and as of now he hasn’t gone too in-depth about police brutality with them, but he explained his kids have been with him in the car when he’s been pulled over, so they’ve already caught a glimpse of how it can be.

“I don’t feel as though a cop has control over my son’s life. I mean I believe in God heavy…he determine when they live and die, I don’t feel a cop can just take my son life if God don’t allow it…but I do talk to them… I done got pulled over while my sons were in the car….we had conversations after we pulled off about it.” Cassidy said his children know the ground rules and guidelines when it comes to police. Vlad then went back to a clip with Boosie talking about a cop will approach a car differently based on who is in the car and what the people look like.

Cassidy agreed but also saw the other point of view explaining if someone looks suspicious it’s bound for cops to go to the extreme or jump to conclusions. He also explained that people fear what they don’t know, and because the media portrays people of color typically in a negative light, it makes sense why there is always a racial issue. Cassidy also explained that the police need to be trained better, “They gotta give these cops more information and make them tougher man, these cops be chumps…”

Check out the interview above.

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