Redman on Being on “4,3,2,1” Track that Triggered the LL Cool J / Canibus Beef

In 2014, rapper LL Cool J squashed his outstanding beef with rapper Canibus at the Christmas in Brooklyn concert at the Barclays Center. Once dubbed as one of Hip Hop’s biggest beef, the celebrities ended the standing feud in front of thousands. In an interview with Redman, he tells DJ Vlad that the rappers had a misunderstanding after Canibus was accused of attacking the Queens rapper on his “4,3,2,1” track where he rapped, “ripping an arm out a socket, taking a mic off it and letting a real MC rock it.” LL took insult to the line and decided to ax Canibus’ part out altogether and add his fuel to the fire. “Well, Canibus said that in the way of saying, ‘I respect you LL.'” Red explained, “‘I respect you so much that I can not believe that you allowed me to be on this record with three-four of the greats.'”

Red says that there was no way that Canibus selfishly sabotaged his opportunity on LL’s song to disrespect the legendary MC. “Like I said, Canibus was cool with the crew and we would of definitely of let him know…but when we heard it, we didn’t take it to an offense.”

Watch the full interview above.

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