G Herbo on Lean: I was Addicted Because I Wanted to be Addicted

Rapper G Herbo is back on VladTV, and this time, to talk about why he decided to stop drinking Lean and even explains how avid drinkers usually take some breaks from the popular drug. “I stopped drinking it because I wanted to focus more on myself.” He said, “it didn’t really have to do with money. I just know it’s a powerful drug, and you know what I’m saying, I want to focus. I want to work.”

As for some known heavy drinkers, who often boast about their daily intake on music or even social media, G Herbo says not to believe the hype because they too take some time away from the syrup. “Even the best of the lean sippers, the people who sip the most drink, you have to take some type of break from that s***.”