Tyrin Turner’s Son on Taking the Rap Name “Lil Caine,” Dad Not Getting Credit

Actor Tyrin Turner sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview alongside his son, who goes by the rap name “Lil Caine,” as an homage to his dad’s character in “Menace II Society.” When DJ Vlad brought up that Tyrin used to rap for James Prince’s Rap-A-Lot, Lil Caine was blown away, admitting that he didn’t know his dad rapped, let alone put out an album.

The conversation then focused on Lil Caine’s friendship with rapper’s like Chief Keef, whom he says was justified in beating up producer Ramsay Tha Great. He then added that Ramsay is in the wrong for snitching on Keef, regardless of what happened.

To hear more of what Tyrin and his son had to say, hit the above clip.