Flashback: Safaree Says Women Can’t Work Together, Too Competitive

Flashback to this interview from 2015 where Safaree speaking on industry friends, more specifically, the lack thereof. In this clip the rapper is asked why he thinks female artists refuse to get along, to which he says “no matter what there’s always gonna be that competitive nature- it’s in their blood.”

“Everybody is very cool with each other” says Safaree about the new era of male rappers. When it comes to female rappers, however, he doesn’t understand why they can’t comply, stating that when it comes to “females of position and females of power, it’s just different.” Talking on his own friendships, the only name Safaree mentions is Mack Maine. “He reminds me of myself as far as the role he plays over [at Cash Money],” he states. Watch the clip to hear more.