Flashback: Akon: Got $1 Billion Chinese Credit Line & Gave Electricity to 80 Million Africans

Last year, Akon sat down with VladTV to discuss his “Akon Lights Africa” project that has brought electricity to millions of people in the country. After revealing that he didn’t know anything about the energy industry before entering, Akon said that he soon ran into some pushback from the politics in the country. He later found a way around the situation by investing in solar renewable energy, with the help of a $1 billion loan from China.

During the conversation, Akon also explained the rich opportunities for black Americans in Africa, but he feels like many of them are too afraid to make the move, despite feeling like they aren’t being given a fair chance in America.

To hear more of what Akon had to say, including how Africa is one of the leading countries for mobile technology, hit the above clip.