Jasmine Mans on Creating “Footnotes for Kanye” Poem, Not Liking Kim K

Poet Jasmine Mans went viral in late 2015 with her “Footnotes for Kanye,” which saw some resurgence again in 2017, and she shared her inspiration for the piece during a recent interview with VladTV. Mans said that after becoming a fan of Kanye when he released The College Dropout, she became increasingly annoyed with him after marrying Kim Kardashian and doing everything he mocked in his earlier music.

Jasmine went on to explain that she wants all of her favorite artists to speak out on social issues, and she was disappointed when Kanye didn’t say anything about the increasing violence in Chicago, and Black Lives Matter. She also addressed questions about Kanye losing his way over the year, which you can hear more about in the above clip.