Go Yayo on How Fight with T.I.’s Security Unfolded, Wanting to Talk to Him

Texas rapper Go Yayo has gone viral in a few fight videos, including an altercation with T.I.’s security.

When asked about the situation during an interview with VladTV, Go Yayo explained that he was asked to go downstairs to meet T.I. after opening up for him at The Bomb Factory in Dallas. He prefaced the situation by saying that he has a reputation for starting fights at clubs, so T.I.’s security was forewarned about him before he came to the stage.

Go Yayo said that he was pushed by T.I.’s security, whom he clung onto as they fell down the stairs. The incident kicked off a fight between their groups, and Go Yayo said that he would like to speak to T.I., adding that he respects the Atlanta rapper.

Hit the above clip to hear the full story.