Lord Jamar: Trump is Peeling Back Scab and Exposing Old Wound of Racism

Racism has been a frequent topic in our interviews with VladTV regular guest Lord Jamar, and this time around the Brand Nubian rapper shared his thoughts on people saying there’s a difference in black people and “n*****s.” After saying that he believes that the saying is right in a way when it comes to black people saying it, Lord Jamar clarified that white people have no right saying something along those lines.

In addition, Jamar stated that Trump is peeling back the scab and exposing the old wound of racism, but added that not all white people in power are as diabolical. During the conversation, Lord Jamar also shared his thoughts on how the world would function after the system was entirely dismantled to make an end to racism, which you can hear more about in the above clip.