Flashback: Kurupt On Witnessing the ’92 L.A. Riots & Instances of Police Brutality

Flashback to this interview from 2015 where Vlad sat down with Kurupt, a Philly emcee whose lyricism flourished as he worked to establish himself as one of Westcoast’s eminent MCs. Within this portion of his VladTV exclusive interview, the proven wordsmith speaks about the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, which were sparked by the unprovoked beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers. While Kurupt professes that he’s “not a criminal” he recalls hitting the streets those days along with Warren G and The D.O.C.

“We was at Dr. Dre’s house watching it on television and Warren G was like, ‘Ay, Cuz, let’s go into the streets,’ and we went into ‘the jungles.’ It was the first time that Bloods walked up to me and was like, ‘what’s Kurupt, Blood. Man, I f**k with your sh*t.’ I was shocked like, ‘damn.’ I was accepted in the jungles,” he recalls.

Drawing a parallel between the oppression that minorities experienced back in the ’90’s to today, Kurupt says, “there’s too many incidents” of police brutality and many more that have never “touched the airwaves and have not got attention.” As the convo continues Kurupt says that he consciously tries to mitigate his interaction with the police, which is the main reason why he doesn’t drive. “I’d rather for my brother to drive, or someone else who has better luck,” he states, as he was always pulled over when he was behind the wheel.

Even though there’s been more attention placed on police officers who blatantly disregard their inherent duties, Kurupt does not believe that anything will change. Be sure to check out the full clip for more on his insight.