Mysonne on Cassidy Dissing Yachty & Uzi: Mumble Rap Should Be a Category

Mysonne shared his thoughts on Cassidy recently calling out Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty during the Ruff Ryders reunion tour, and he agreed that they shouldn’t be compared to someone of Cassidy’s skill and rap style. Mysonne then explained that while he enjoys listening to Uzi and Yachty, he believes that newer artists like them need their own category and should be classified as “entertainers,” not rappers.

Moving along, the “That’s How We On It” rapper spoke with DJ Vlad about there always being an argument in hip-hop about what’s considered true hip-hop. He went on to explain that a lot of rappers today are just harmonizing and saying the same words repetitively, taking the skill out of what makes hip-hop so unique.

To hear more of what Mysonne had to say on the situation, hit the above clip.