Lord Jamar: Biggie’s Hits were West Coast, Mobb Deep Re-energized NY Hip Hop

WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7v2id2lsLk

Hip hop pundit Lord Jamar in this clip talks about Prodigy’s death, the Queensbridge mural dedicated to him that kept getting defaced and was ultimately taken down, and how Mobb Deep reinvigorated true New York hip hop. “Biggie blew up, [but] his biggest records sounded Cali in a way. That whole “Juicy” s**t had a Cali sound to it. He had more of the New York s**t on his album, but those weren’t the hits. Mobb Deep was coming with hits that were straight New York, grimy, street, project, authentic f**king hip hop.”