No Malice on Quitting The Clipse: “How Many People Got Killed Listening to Us?” (Part 5)

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In this clip, No Malice reveals how he came to the realization that he had to leave rap alone. He details his final meeting at Def Jam and how he finished the entire meeting having already decided that he’d be bowing out of the game. No Malice credits his finding God through Jesus Christ as the turning point. He went onto reveal that he had supreme confidence in Pusha T finding his way after the breakup stating that they weren’t twins and would have to carve out their respective paths no matter how divergent. Later on, No Malice gives insight to the power of music and information consumption, in general, claiming that our intake can dictate the world around us. While reflecting on his past music, No Malice said it was the theme music for a lot of people in the streets, and the consequences of street life occurred as theme music continues to play.