Twista on Chiraq: The Name Bothered Me Until We Kept Killing…It Is Chiraq (Part 4)

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In this clip, Twista details going to jail over weed in Indiana. According to Twista, he had a show in Indiana, and because of the nature of the crowd, he believes that law enforcement had preconceived notions. Twista believes that his crew was targeted due to the car they were in, a Rolls Royce Phantom. He goes on to reveal how his homies in the car with him folded when the cops pulled them over, stating that none of them took responsibility for the weed. Therefore, they were all arrested.

Twista also goes into the overall experience of being booked, getting an orange jumpsuit, but ultimately walked away without any charges. Later on in the clip, Twista discusses his new album, Crook County, and how this title is an attempt to move away from ‘Chiraq.’ However, Twista stated that despite his disdain for the word ‘Chiraq’ that with a number of murders in Chicago, it’s hard not to see how the name fits. Twista wrapped up by talking about his partnership with the independent label, EMPIRE, as well as his goals to continue to produce music whether as an artist or executive.