Dizzy Wright Questions if Juvenile was the First ‘Mumble Rapper’ (Part 4)

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Part 3: https://goo.gl/LUf4H3
In this clip, Dizzy Wright talks about his relationship with Hopsin and Dame in the aftermath of Funk Volume breaking up. He spoke of running his own label and the creative freedom that his label affords him as well as being able to satisfy his fans. Dizzy also talked about lyricism, pointing specifically to his friend and fellow MC, Logic. He spoke of potential music between the two and how life got in the way of a joint project they had in mind a while back. Dizzy went on about the process of writing lyrics and questions the concept of ‘mumble rap.’ To him, the problem is people just don’t understand the thick Southern accents that many of these rappers carry, but DJ Vlad interjects with the idea that rappers are more focused on vibes than lyrics these days. This pushed Dizzy to consider whether Juvenile could be in that category because he said things that Dizzy couldn’t decipher back in 1996. Dizzy and DJ Vlad also took time to discuss growing marijuana culture, including the way the industry is booming in Dizzy’s hometown of Las Vegas.