Cyhi The Prynce: Me and Kanye Wanna Be in the Last Testament of the Bible (Part 5)

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In this clip, Cyhi The Prynce spent quite a bit of time offering details about Kanye West on a personal level while also taking the opportunity to praise his genius as well as his religious influence on Kanye’s music. Cyhi mentions Ye having serious health issues and how the industry creates an environment of pressure for artists, especially those as prolific as Kanye. He also revealed that he nor Kanye are concerned with money. To Cyhi, the thought of people and art is what drives their work and not the trappings that come with being a famous artist.

Cyhi also disclosed that he doesn’t care too much for the nicer Kanye, to him, the meaner more straightforward was more appealing to him especially when it came to criticizing his music. He claims that he prefers Ye’s harsh criticism as it pushes him more than the “run-around” does. Cyhi was asked about Cruel Summer to which he answered if fans want Cruel Summer they have to support his solo project, No Dope On Sundays. Cyhi breaks down the meaning of the title and significance it has on the American urban experience, particularly that of Atlanta where Cyhi hails from.