Boonk on Meek Mill Dissing Him: If I See Him I’ll Slap Him, I Felt Disrespected (Part 3)

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In this clip, Boonk talks about his beef with Meek Mill. He wasn’t shy in telling DJ Vlad how he felt about the Philly MC, stating that he did at one point respect Meek but after hearing what Meek said about him on IG live that went out the window. Boonk went on to say that he’d slap Meek if given the opportunity as well as take Meek’s chain off his neck. Boonk later talked about his getting his new grill. He revealed that he has a permanent set of gold teeth that cost him around $3600. Boonk said that the combination of tattoos and his new grill was just a way of branding himself and fully committing to the Boonk character. He also broke down the difference between stealing and “boonking” which has garnered him such social media popularity.