Dee (Ruff Ryders) On How The Lox Were Bought Out from Bad Boy for $3M (Part 3)

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In this clip, Dee, one-third of the managing partners of the legendary Ruff Ryders went in depth about the business that he and his siblings created. He discussed the nature of the music industry through the story of The Lox and getting them out of their contract. According to Dee, it cost the Ruff Ryders roughly three million dollars to get The Lox released from their contract. This was the case even with the relationship Puff, and Dee had established already. Later on in the clip, Dee is asked to detail his horrific crash while driving a T-Rex at 160 MPH. The accident left Dee with multiple broken bones and limbs as well as left him in a coma. At this point, Dee’s family questioned whether or not he’d make it out the coma. He discussed the feeling of not knowing where he was during upon waking up but finding relief that he knew he wasn’t in jail. Dee talked about the therapy process and regaining his physical mobility and memory.