Taysav on Taking Gun Charge for His Brothers at 14 Because They Had Cases (Part 2)

Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/K5Je7A
Chicago rapper TaySav spoke about taking a gun charge at 14 to save his older brothers from having to go back to jail. He explained that it all went down when his late brother Young Pappy was shooting a music video, and the cops busted in. TaySav said that no one was owning up to the gun, so he stepped forward because he knew the consequences wouldn’t be severe.

When asked if he would’ve cared if the gun was pinned to a murder, TaySav said that the most he would’ve gotten was juvenile life, which would’ve seen him getting released at 21. Tay Sav added that it would’ve been a lighter sentence than either of his older brothers.

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