TK Kirkland: “Hit Em Up” vs “No Vaseline” is like Comparing Jordan to LeBron (Part 5)

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In this clip, T.K. Kirkland weighed in on the debate over which diss track was better between 2Pac’s “Hit Em Up” and Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline.” Kirkland was on those early N.W.A. tours and could speak to the interaction between Cube and the other members and agreed with him that his diss track was more personal due to being a part of the group at one point. However, he described the feeling he got listening to “Hit Em Up” in the club and the chills that the track sent through his body. Kirkland said that you could feel the hate. Needless to say, T.K. wasn’t ready to tag one track as better than other so he decided to give them a 50/50 split. Later on DJ Vlad brings up a story regarding T.K. and 5 doctors which T.K. revealed was a night he had sex with 5 female doctors in Detroit. T.K. was pretty candid with his description of that eventful night and even said he got two of the doctors pregnant.