Bali Baby Talks About Her Fight w/ Asian Doll, Females Pitted Against Each Other (Part 3)

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In this clip, Bali Baby talks about her month-long stint in jail following a violation of her probation. Bali was on probation from a previous weed charge. She detailed how her experience was in jail claiming that the worst part of the entire experience was the fact that there were no toilet seats. She also maligned the food and gave her breakdown of the differences she perceives between male and female jails.

Bali recounted her fight with Asian Doll at SXSW and discussed the ways in which female entertainers, specifically female rappers, are pitted against one another. She talks about how the beef between females is a byproduct of social media and how there is always a type of comparison among women. Bali did make the bold claim that females are “harder” than the males due to the fact that women don’t mind getting physical whereas she believe men drag beefs out. Speaking of beef, Bali Baby wasn’t so sure about her ever being cool with Asian Doll, however she said if money is somehow involved it can make things right between them.