John Salley Clarifies What Dennis Rodman Meant by “Hating Detroit” (Part 3)

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In this clip, John Salley gives the backstory to his relationship with Dennis Rodman. He talks about how they played together during a high school showcase and how Dennis helped him get MVP honors. He also clarifies what Dennis meant by saying he didn’t like his time in Detroit. To John Salley, Dennis wasn’t a fan of how the business operated in Detroit which saw their beloved coach Chuck Daly leave as well as other players including John. He said that by the time Dennis got to Chicago he was in a much more secure environment and he [Dennis] had come into his own on a personal level.

John Salley also discussed his first year in the NBA which was financially tumultuous. He said that he had to learn about taxes, and money management the hard way. According to Salley, his first contract paid him roughly $230K/year and after breaking down his monthly expenses John saw that he was completely overextending himself. At season’s end John said he was broke and needed to take out a personal loan.