Maino Talks About His Scars Telling a Story: You Wear Them Like Jewelry (Part 1)

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In this clip, Maino talks about his early relationship with DJ Vlad and how the two crossed paths prior to either having their respective platforms established. He spoke about the early grind that he was on during that time and how the era of street DVDs going digital led to platforms such as VladTV being created. Maino also discussed his early success and how he got on the map pointing to his single “Rumors” which was an underground smash. Maino believes that “Rumors” changed his life by providing him the buzz necessary to continue to build upon.

Maino went into his past crime of kidnapping which landed him in prison for 10 years and the ways in which he has matured since then. Maino talked about how his past often precedes what he is currently doing and how it is an uphill battle to change public perception. He also details how he got his scars and the way he uses them as markers of lessons learned over time.