R.A. the Rugged Man on Nas and Nicki: Nas Likes People’s Leftovers (Part 4)

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Part 1: https://goo.gl/TFDymT
In this clip, RA the Rugged Man went in depth about Lonzo Ball’s controversial comments regarding Nas’s place in the current hip-hop scene – or lack thereof according to him. RA took offense to Lonzo’s comments because he considers Lonzo’s world view small in scope. RA talked about how legends like Nas could go the world over and garner fanfare whereas the acts that Ball considers “real hip-hop” today may not have the same staying power.

RA the Rugged Man also discussed Nas’s new relationship with Nicki Minaj. Before knowing the true details of Nicki’s dealings with men over the past decade which have included only two high profile relationships, RA asked who would wife Nicki implying a level of promiscuity that wasn’t fit for a relationship. But he retracted that statement and after reassessing the situation said that Nas and Nicki were “cute.” He did say, however, Nas has a thing for people’s “leftovers.” But he called the Queens legend smooth, cool, and classy. RA the Rugged Man wrapped up by giving his take on the difference between rap and rock culture. According to RA, fans of hip-hop like Lonzo Ball are quick to turn their backs on legends like Nas because they aren’t trendy at the moment whereas rock musicians and acts like Mick Jagger maintain a level of generational reverence.