Rico Recklezz Quit Drugs After Seeing a Photo of Himself Looking Like Lou Rawls (Part 3)

Watch Part 2: https://goo.gl/1pAVha
Part 1: https://goo.gl/5FMrBZ
In this clip, Rico Recklezz discussed bloggers and their issues they run into while attempting to gain readerships and followings off of street beef. He talked about the Chicago blogger that was recently shot 5 times for his exploitation of Chicago street beef. The blogger subsequently deleted all of his social media accounts. Rico also talked about his conversation with DJ Akademiks that was pretty tense. Rico went on to discuss Killa Kellz going back to jail and how much this current stint hurt him. He spoke about holding his friends down while they’re locked up pointing out that he sends $100 to his five closest friends in jail every month.

Rico also talked about being a teenage parent with the birth of his son at 17 to a 21-year-old mother. Rico then discussed losing his virginity at 11 and explained what he thought the hardest thing about parenting is.