Bali Baby Rejects the Sugar-Trap Style, Says She Makes “Pop-Trap” (Part 4)

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In this clip, Bali Baby spoke about Chicago rapper Famous Dex and how he apparently bit her style for the cover art on his upcoming album. Bali Baby played it cool and just stated that she knows she influenced him but did say that Dex may be going a bit overboard with his drug use. Bali Baby also talked about her process in the studio saying that she doesn’t write because her mind works so fast. She says most times she hears a beat the entire song is already complete in her head. When asked about how she would characterize her music, Bali Baby rejected “sugar-trap” and called her music “pop-trap.” She also talked about her upcoming project Playhouse Music which she said is very diverse in style. According to Bali Baby, the title represents the project as a house full of music with every track, or room in this case, representing a different vibe.