Lyrica Anderson on Doing Songs with Blac Chyna, No Songs About Rob Yet (Part 3)

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Lyrica Anderson stopped by VladTV to discuss new projects, including her next single, “Dollar Bills,” with Ty Dolla $ign. Lyrica revealed that she’s known Ty since he put out his first music video, and she added that he’s always been really cool and humble around her. 

During the conversation, Lyrica spoke about her writing career, revealing that she has given away all of her best songs to other artists. When it came to talking about Blac Chyna’s new music, which she has helped write, Lyrica didn’t give away too many details but revealed that Chyna’s sound is very original and she has no Rob Kardashian songs. 

To hear more, including her original thoughts on joining Love & Hip Hop, hit the above clip.