Tray Deee on Warren G Getting Chain Snatched at Death Row, Getting It Back (Part 6)

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In this VladTV exclusive, Tray Deee spoke on Terry Carter, his former manager, and friend, and victim of the Suge Knight hit-and-run car incident that landed the Death Row Records mogul in jail.

Tray Deee went on to speak about Suge Knight, saying him being placed in jail was karma for his actions against people in the record industry over the years. The rapper noted that Suge only became violent and cutthroat after entering the music industry. He pointed out an instance where Suge made two brothers strip naked and drink urine, confirming that the incident was a real thing.

Tray Deee noted the way Suge acted was excessive. Along with addressing that, the rapper spoke on a time when Warren G’s chain was snatched, which led to the rapper going to get Suge Knight to resolve the situation. Tray Deee said they ended up getting his chain back, and that rumors of Snoop Dogg getting slapped are untrue, as he noted none of that happened while he was there.

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