Flashback: Blac Youngsta on Getting Into Shootouts for Selling $90k of Fake Bricks

In this VladTV Flashback from 2016, Blac Youngsta described facing issues in the streets due to selling $90,000 worth of fake bricks. 

Blac Youngsta went on to detail the process of selling fake bricks to his customers. “I used to serve n****s fake bricks, I ain’t going to lie. Getting $90,000 or something out of a n**** real fast back then because it was just a little bit cheaper…I used to have a lot of shootouts and s*** because I was selling n****s bull***t dope. I didn’t care.”

In the interview, Blac Youngsta also talks about taking money his mother gave him for school clothes and flipping it by buying more drugs for resale, selling more weed than crack, and why he preferred to sell his family drugs.

Watch above.